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What we provide and its benefits to you

Unbiased & credible property valuation followed by professional representation at the township, county and state levels.

High return on investment: often less than one year payback in property tax savings from our services.

No contingencies! Reasonable fixed fees from $595 to $995 depending on the complexity of your property. You know what your investment is!

Analytical, courteous, ethical valuation and representation from client-centric professionals.

You have a life including job, family and friends.

Our one-stop shop approach requires only a minimal involvement on your part:

 • 30 to 60 minutes for the property inspection,

 • 30 minutes to review the appraisal and appeal

  paperwork that is completed for you and

 • 5 to 30 minutes to review the Board of

  Review’s findings and either celebrate or

  authorize us to create your state appeal.

> Peace of mind by knowing what your

  property is really worth.

> Professional, unbiased, USPAP-compliant

  property appraisal.

> No paperwork to file, we do everything.

  All you do is review, copy, sign and mail.

> No time way from business or family.

  We appear on your behalf in all


> The same one-stop shop assistance with

   the appeal to the state Board of Review

   if necessary.

What you receive by retaining us

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The property tax appeal experts

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